Our Built-In Features Make It Easy

Website Manager

Your website layout, function and design are crucial to your success online. Our easy-to-use website manager helps you lay out a great looking site quickly, with all the forms, functions and content you need for success.

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder

    Customizing your site has never been easier. Simply drag-and-drop text, pictures and more onto your site to make it completely unique. We've made editing your website familiar and intuitive. Project your company message in minutes!

  • 3000+ Content Templates

    Why start from scratch? Save yourself the headache and hours of work by using one of our pre-built content templates for over 350 specific industries. We have already filled each content template with industry-specific text, custom pages, lead capture forms, and images.

  • Stock Images Gallery

    Having a hard time finding just the right image? No problem! We've included a catalog of thousands of high-resolution, royalty free images you can choose from. Go ahead, give your website that professional look and feel.

  • Unlimited File Management

    Your website account comes with an unlimited amount of storage and hosting space. Upload images, video, music and data files to your heart's content. Our website management system is designed to handle everything you can throw at it.

  • Guides & Support

    We know that learning how to manage your website can be frustrating. That's why we've included guides that will show you how to get the most from your new website. In addition, you'll have access to our award-winning support team.

  • Custom Domain Name

    iBizUS allows you to use your own domain name. A custom domain name makes it easy for your customers find your website. If you don't have a domain name yet, we'll give you advice on finding the right one for you. We'll even set it up for you!


Business Tools

We research out the best tools, software and strategies that you need to run a successful online business…then we build them right in!

  • Blogging

    Creating your online blog has never been easier. Whether your blog is personal or for business, you'll be adding posts in no time. You'll be able to submit posts to blog aggregators, and allow pingbacks and trackbacks, all of which can help you broaden your reach.

  • Forums

    Allow your users to interact with you and with each other on any topic you choose. Let them pose questions, give feedback, and answer other users' questions. All forum posts are CAPTCHA guarded so your site won't be flooded with SPAM.

  • Visitor Tracking & Analytics

    Tracking your website visitor data isn't quite enough to enable you to know what changes you can make to improve your website. That is why we have built detailed analytics into our system. You'll have the tools to really understand what is happening on your website.

  • Scheduling & Reservations

    Let your customers reserve times and make appointments with you from your website! Perfect for photographers, restaurants, real estate agents, and so many other small businesses! You set your availability, and customers can set appointments anytime of the day or night. Then you can get reminders automatically.

  • Secure Document Sharing

    Company documents always get pushed around or even lost. No longer will that be the case. Now you can securely share and store your company's shared documents. Is the document confidential? You can specify who can see which files. You can even share documents with customers so they can login and view them.

  • Classifieds

    Your customers will have the ability to list and sell their items through your website. Your customers will be able to determine their listing price. Users can browse through your classified to find unique items that only your customers could list. Users can share items on facebook and twitter with a click of a button.


Communication &
Customer Relationship Manager

Built in communications systems make you into a marketing guru. Email, newsletter and lead management systems included.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    Sending company email from a Yahoo! or Gmail account just doesn't look very professional. You can gain the confidence of cunsumers by using an email address with your company's domain name. With unlimited email accounts, now you can have unique email addressed for every single employee, business unit, and marketing initiative!

  • Newsletters & Drip Campaigns

    Having a sale and need an easy way to get the word out? Our built-in newsletters deliver! Create professional HTML emails and newsletters. Send newsletters, targeted email blasts, or setup an automated drip campaign. Assign your customers and leads to groups, making it easier for you to target right audience. Communicating with your customers is now a snap.

  • Lead Capture & Custom Form Builder

    Turn your website into a lead-generating machine! With our custom form builder, we've made creating your own web forms a cinch. You can create the perfect lead capture form to collect the information vital to your business. Whenever a form is filled out on your site, the information is put directly into the built-in Customer Relationship Manager.

  • Webmail Access

    Checking your email's never been easier! View your email from the administrative area of your website through our built-in webmail interface, download your email to Outlook or Thunderbird, or even check your email through your Yahoo! or Gmail account. You'll never be out of the loop!

  • Customer Relationship Manager

    Managing your customers has never been easier with our built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). View all client activity from one simple interface, including current customers, newsletter subscribers, user accounts and leads. Assign customers to unique groups for targeted marketing and follow-up.


Marketing & Revenue Generation

Our platform comes with a complete set of marketing tools and revenue generation strategies. Learn how to get more traffic to your site, sell more product and make more off the traffic you get.

  • Affiliate Program Integrations

    We've already built the integrations for the most important affiliate programs that will help your site to make revenue. Google Ad Words, Ebay & Amazon Reseller are some the best affiliate programs on the net.

  • Payment & Monetization

    Collecting money on your website used to be so hard. iBizus makes it easy to setup a merchant account. You can choose from one of our many different payment widgets. No more complicated setup to start getting paid!

  • Email Marketing

    We provide a robust email marketing system that includes auto-responders, drip campaigns and a email newsletter creator. Send newsletters, email blasts, and drip campaigns with ease!

  • SEO Tools

    Our website management system was built with search engine optimization in mind. You can make your site search engine friendly and improve your ranking. Use our tools to market your site and gain more exposure. You'll, also have access to our SEO How-to Guides to learn how to make search engines work for you.

  • PPC Tools

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a fast and easy way to get high quality, relevant traffic to your website. iBizUS provides several PPC tools that help you do keyword research, keyword search analytics and learn what search terms people are using when looking for your product. Learn how to write good ad-copy to get searchers to click on your ad.

  • How-to Guides

    iBizUS provides robust Do-It-Yourself guides for the aggressive internet entrepreneur who wants to learn all the aspects of online marketing for themselves. Includes 165 page SEO Manual, 50 Page Social Marketing Guide and Tutorials on Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Email Marketing, Text Marketing, Local Marketing.